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AyuGen Anti-Platelet Treatment

Anti-Platelet Therapy Guidance Test

Are you taking any anti-platelet medicine like clopidogrel?
AyuGen Biosciences provides molecular genetic testing to detect presence of common genetic changes (or variation) in cytochrome P4502C19 (CYP2C19) gene for guiding antiplatelet therapy. About 4 to 30% patients do not respond adequately to clopidogrel. This results in higher risk for myocardial infarction, stent thrombosis or stroke due to insufficient clopidogrel-induced platelet inhibition. The USFDA recommends using caution in poor metabolizers before prescribing clopidogrel. Use of alternative antiplatelet therapy or alternative dosing stratergy of clopidogrel in CYP2C19 poor metabolizers has also been recommended. Please click here for more information.