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About AyuGen

About AyuGen Biosciences

AyuGen Biosciences® is a private organization founded in 2005 that focuses on specialized genomic tests and services. This organization is the result of the thoughts of experienced research scientists who have worked in the area of genetics and pharmacogenomics. Our mission is to provide world-class preventive and diagnostic genomic tests to

  • correctly identify the cause of the disease, and
  • subsequently treat it with the correct medicine and right dose to minimize potential side effects. AyuGen aims to bridge the gaps between the current medical practices and the new “personalized” genomic based medical practices for prevention and better treatment.

More About Us

Our Mission

To provide world-class molecular diagnostic tests to identify the cause of the disease, and subsequently treat it with the right medicine with minimum side effects.

Our Vision

To establish AYUGEN as a leader in providing & managing molecular genomic information of clients with access to such information at any time & at any place.

Our Philosophy

Prevention by early detection and invention is better than cure.

Quality Policy

 It is our policy to treat all persons and visitors, who are using our services, equally without any bias by employing transparent with state of the art infrastructure and good laboratory practices to ensure accuracy, reliability and timely delivery of the results.

"Ayu" means life or age in Sanskrit, while "gen" is the shortened version of Genetics.
AyuGen refers to use of genetics for better prognosis and treatment.


Why Choose Us

USFDA Approved

We are the first private lab providing cervical cancer screening using USFDA approved method in India.

Maximum Screening

More than 35,000 women have been screened so far.

Health Services

Over 1500 hospitals and doctors in Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh have used our specialized woman’s health services.

NABL Accredited Lab

Our lab is NABL accredited since 2013 for molecular testing.

CSR Projects

We have done CSR projects in rural areas which were funded by companies like The New India Assurance Co Ltd and ECGC Ltd.

NGO Network

We have worked with NGOs like CAPED Delhi, Science and Technology Park Pune and other healthcare organization.

Global Partnership

We have worked in partnership with leading biotech companies in the world.

Research Projects

Completed research projects in lung cancer, cardiology, gynaecology, neurology and oral cancer in association with number of academic institutes.


We have previous collaboration with numerous hospitals like- Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital, Mai Mangeshkar hospital,  Jehangir hospital, B. J. Medical, Bharati hospital etc.


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