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Women Health Tests

Cervival™ Kit - Cervical Cancer Prevention

Cervival Kit is AyuGen’s only multi-utility kit that can be used for multiple tests like HPV test.

Amnisure ROM Test

AyuGen in association with Qiagen has launched AmniSure ROM Test, the US FDA cleared, rapid & bedside test for accurate diagnosis of rupture of fetal membrane.

Infectious Disease Screening Tests

Infectious Test Panel

These tests includes Influenza Panel with RSV, Dengue/Chikungunya w/o Malaria, COVID-19 RTPCR Test and Extended Respiratory Panel.

Reproductive Tract Infections Test

Reproductive tract diseases or Reproductive tract infections are generally acquired by sexual contact.

Explore yourself - Check your Genetic Predisposition

i-Happy For Healthy Lifestyle

Ancestry(Admixture) analysis is a method to check a person's geographical origin based on one's genetic ancestry.

e-Happy For Beautiful Lifestyle

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a widely used formula for obesity. Metabolism syndromes can be prevented, and a balanced...


There is an interaction between environment and genes which is different for every individual.

Ayuscreen - Hereditary Risk Assessment

Cardiovascular (CVD)

India has the largest pool of cardiac patients. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the population today.

Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment

These tests are based on your DNA sequencing analysis and some of these tests may require next generation sequencing (NGS) of your genome or exome sequencing.

Pharmacogenomics - Guiding Treatment

AyuGen Anti-clotting Treatment

Warfarin is an anti-clotting agent prescribed for patients with irregular heartbeat, heart attack, heart valve replacement surgery, stroke, major surgeries or clotting disorders.

AyuGen Anti-platelet Treatment

AyuGen Biosciences provides molecular genetic testing to detect presence of common genetic changes (or variation) in cytochrome gene for guiding antiplatelet therapy.

AyuGen Statin Induced Myopathy Risk Test

AyuGen Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. performs molecular genetic testing to detect presence of common genetic changes (or variation) in SLCO1B1.

FSH Polymorphism Test

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) plays an important role in female fertility and conception.

SSRI Drug Treatment Guidance Test

Psychiatric disorders have a very high prevalence in urban metros in India. Depression and anxiety disorders are on a rise.

Carbamazepine Side Effect Prediction Test

Carbamazepine is a widely used anticonvulsant drug. It is also prescribed for psychological disorders to stabilize mood.