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Genetic Association Studies

We can help you perform disease association studies for complex diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Our experts can help you design the study, carry out the planned study, analyze the data and validate the findings.

When two or more traits, at least one of which is genetic, occur together in a population, it is called genetic association.

These studies help to determine the correlation between a certain DNA polymorphism / genetic variation and a specific disease phenotype in a given population of unrelated individuals.  If an association is found between a specific DNA polymorphism and a disease, an individual carrying that  variant has an increased risk of developing the disease that is associated with the given variation.


We provide consultations on any drugs that have failed the clinical trials due to side-effects. We are actively looking for partners to collaborate in this area. We are very well familiar with the regulatory issues involved in any collaborative study involving international partners.

Pharmacogenomics studies the effect / interactions of genetic variations on a patient’s response to a particular drug. It correlates genetic variations obtained from several genes in the entire genome with the efficacy or toxicity of the drug. The main aim of pharmacogenomics is to optimize drug therapy to suit every individual based on their unique genetic information so as to obtain maximum efficacy with minimum adverse effects of the drug.